The North Londoners become The ‘Melbourne-rs’

Frantically socialised for the …… not for the last time ….but for, really… word or phrase right now pops up.

The Wood Green residents…the only people who could and often did get me to reach North London, were leaving North London. London.

They were leaving London and the UK altogether. Leaving. My friends. My godson. Had he stayed, he would have plats in his gorgeous hair right now. The parents always thought I was joking about that. I would relentlessly plat his hair. They would undo it and I would re-do-it. My patience and efforts limitless. Jojo would love the plats and the parents would in the end (near end/sooner rather than later) love it too 🙂

So dinners and lunches and London picnics were had in panic mode style. Almost.

Had a ‘surprise’ luncheon at Rodizio Rico in Islington – North London. In the final stage the beans spilled and it was no longer a surprise. Just had to now work on the friends who were attending as the surprise. It was brilliant. Great turn-out and 5people could not make it in the last hour. The weather was in our camp. Had the A&A, Obamas, Trinidadians, Workforce, J.Lo, The Parkers and The Smiths. HELLO! should have been there. Awesome.

Another surprise was the Scrap-book. It was almost difficult to give it (away) as it became sentimental and should have done two or three. It was lovely and personal. From the heart. Pictures and memoirs as signatures and messages. Amazing. Everyone will miss them. You could taste the salt in the tears that were almost visible in the messages.

So the infamous Volcanic activity (ash) granted us a few more dates and finally, the future had to start.
They left. Migrated. To Singapore then onto Melbourne. 21 hours difference.

So in view with my 2010 birthday present/promise to me from me (tour tour tour), I will reach Melbourne, Australia especially in time for the Christening April 2011.

In the meantime, thank you SKYPE.

Where would we be without technology?

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