BKM Women Foundation


The mission of BKM Women Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation offering services designed to help promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women find jobs and remain employed by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. This is a key-note and drive towards the end of the economic crisis crippling Spain.

As often it is that one womans discard is another womans diamond. All the wardrobe cleansing we do results in clothes to be discarded. These clothes are carefully cared for and stored with the intention to provide the next woman with a stepping stone into the return to work.

Inspired by Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization founded in New York, each BKM Women Foundation client receives one suit when she has a job interview and can return for a second suit or separates when she finds work.

BKM Women Foundation looks to serve by referral only, and women must have an interview scheduled before receiving clothing. We endeavour to have our clients come to us from a continually expanding and diverse group of non-profit and government agencies including homeless shelters, immigration services, job training programs, educational institutions and domestic violence shelters, among many other organizations.

How it works: On her initial visit a woman receives a suit appropriate for the industry in which she is interviewing and, if available, accessories. After a woman finds a job she returns to BKM Women Foundation for additional clothing that can be mixed and matched to make several outfits, providing her with the foundation for a professional wardrobe.

Our mission is to build employment retention programs that are the guide a woman’s journey towards economic independence; remaining employed and building a rewarding career are essential if a woman is to become self-sufficient.

BKM Women Foundation aims to provide an initiative that promotes confidence and professionalism by providing women career guidance, the chance to acquire technology skills and assistance in their job searches.

We also aim to focus and build programmes on the crucial first 30 days of employment, during which newly-hired women face many potential challenges. We offer literal publications that helps women prepare for their new jobs, identifies barriers they might encounter during their first days, encourages them to plan for their futures and highlights resources that can assist them during this transition.

BKM Women Foundation relies on the financial contributions, in-kind donations and volunteer efforts of individuals and companies  who are committed to helping women take charge of their lives. Get in contact with us to learn how you can be a pivotal part in the support of women in the workforce.

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