5K Run Race For Life May 2010

Come May 26th 2010, we had 79% of our fundraising target. Well, collected on-line. There was off-line funds to be added and we had surpassed our target!! Well done Chiquitas.


So, I link up with Mish on the train as I catch the 6.36pm train from Streatham Hill.
Peggy links us at Clapham Common. Arriving at Battersea Park by 7pm. We are in good time so far.

I just have to link up with Loverboy as I brought his footie gear for him. He plays around the area.
We also linking Mary who we owe amazing pictures to. She came for support. Thank you Mary and Jamal. Who grows fast and cuter. Its possible.

There is a banner reading ‘WALKERS’. I have been training so that is definatley not calling my name. Alas!! I clock another banner reading ‘RUNNERS’ and as we start to confidently head towards it, there infront to the left reads ‘JOGGERS’. I am now hesitant. Courage edges us onto the Runners. Well, Mish and Peggy are not moving to joggers and I most definately wont run this alone. Little did I know.

We started out together although that soon proved to be a challenge in itself. Why? How? The sheer number of pink ladies…no pun intended….by the time we were crossing the start line with the MC and the boom music it was already 1min 11sec. Girls just wanna have fun….

Its a flat course. Manageable, I am thinking as I try not to thud my software. Reading all the messages on the backs of runners/joggers et al, I almost cry at most of them. Tears rush upwards and choke me…a lady was running for Dad, Mum and Sis & Nan….Its been approx 10minutes. Still trying to move round to space and get behind runners not instant joggers/walkers. Mish is a free bouyant, steadily moving forward and progressivly out of sight. Swiftly in her mini steps. She should have been running in heels. She runs on her toes. Peggy too slowly disapperas in the massive pink ocean ahead of me but I steadily keep her in view. Don’t let Peggy leave you, I tell myself.

Well, the stich in my right side has a different conversation with the body. I soon loose sight of both my girls.

At last I come to a place that looks like the entrance we walked down before the race start. I am thinking and jubilating ‘hurah hurah hurah!! I am almost done.’ Oh, I dont have a watch or time count device.

Suddenly, and horrifically, I see a huge blue sign 4KM. I am like ”WTF??” No really, I cussed. Not under my breath either. I was dead. I truly was out of mojo.
Then another blue sign 500M and people cheering on. I guess it was visible how the mojo was depleting and  the loud harsh breathing was scrunching the pretty faces. I almost panted like a dog…save the many cameras and one that looked like TV Van…I re-composed and pictured me in a dress size down and all the messages I had been reading…Fight On…Won the Battle….The MC and the boom music is in earshot and eye sight, HURAHHHH!! I float to the finish line as the clock is taunting me…ticking faster than necessary.

I receive bottled water. An apple. Thank you!! A goody bag. Thanx. A medal!! Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH.

I am now getting ready for the next challenge.
10K RUN??

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