Very good ideas, exquisite taste and totally personalized to get my own style … very eager to go shopping with you! – L.C.M


She’s smart, she’s style! Literally, I have not seen anyone be so fashionable, even when shopping at the supermarket! I have learned a lot of incredible fashion tips and tricks for my lifestyle and she literally made my wardrobe talk about me! She made me realize that it is not the quantity that counts, but the quality. 100% professional and the sweetest person! – N.T



Beryl thank you very much for your recommendations of stores to rent party dresses, never before had this practical idea occurred to us, always your advice to get us out of trouble and in the end we achieve our goals, to dress according to the occasion … hugs and kisses  – L.G.R


Thank you so much for all the guidance and inspiration you have given me. I was impressed by the level of professionalism. 100% recommended for all ages, body types and lifestyle. It’s worth it because I’ve saved on hiring the personal stylist service! I LOVE my closet!! – I.E.C



A wardrobe stylist I 100% recommend because my wardrobe works every day of the week. I always learn a lot from her. She teaches you a thousand tricks about stores and trends and how to fit it all into your personal style.  – M.P.F


…I felt truly rejuvenated from inside out and my wardrobe has never been more romantic!! Thanks to Beryl Kiki, my favourite Wardrobe Stylist, I am shining. – Luisa S.

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