…..Revive, Rejuvenate and Refresh your Style….

Ama Tu Armario is the stylish brainchild of wardrobe stylist Beryl Kiki, whose passion is to provide exquisitely bespoke style services to  women and men.

The consultancy’s vision focuses on providing a luxurious and affordable personal style experience dedicated to delivering an unrivalled tailor-made service, whatever your style or budget.

Beryl Kiki’s extensive experience is afforded through years of delving into prestigious closets and privately styling her clients for all occasions, tapping into her unique talent and craft for conceptualizing an individual’s sense of being into their personal style and lifestyle.

She gets to learn about her clients experiences, knows and understands that comfort and style must agree when it comes to getting dressed in the morning for the daily routine, or for that special event be it star-studded paparrazzi, or a special occassion such as a birthday, wedding, christening, dinner party, etc

She will teach you how to revive and rejuvenate yourself through refreshing your style and re-organising your wardrobe. She aims to coach our clients on mixing and matching – colors, patterns and styles. The overall mission of the Kiki Muganda Style Workshop is to offer guidance within the everyday aspects of our lives. 

Available is the opportunity to have a one to one session to not only make your wardrobe be amazing but also have it portray your personal style and say who you really are showcasing your best assets.

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