Costa Rica TOUR

So, for my 30th went to celebrate with the folks and siblings.

This is after spending the actual day with the Loverboy treating me to a special & official last 20something dinner at Messon Txistu in Madrid; and official 30th birthday Botifumeiro dinner in Barcelona. Good Life, Good Living.

So this Costa tour was riddled with celebrations of different aspect. Good and tough. Worked out and work-in-progress.

Some of the highlights:
+ consulting a lawyer for the KGB truck.
+ ‘Last Supper’ with Lady M of Aero though only one party had this information beforehand. Shrewd.
+ Discussion of Twiga Management.
+ Successful Farm – chix & goats & cows.
+ Air-ticketing venture and launch.
+ Visiting Terry.
+ MIA of JaguarPow…..

The last few days was the therapy much needed and fabulosity of beach life. Truly awesome. Forged a lasting and business friendship with Dolly. A business enterprise should be uproaring soon, just fine-combing details. Met Cynthia and Maureen. Great and amazing women – thenx siz for this.

Had amazing catch-up session with Daktari and her plans and projects. Plus dramas, which I think were not dramas as such but journeys. She is doing really well all rounder player and I am so very happy for her. Still enjoying her mabuyus to date. That stuff has no expiry date. Mad ‘penzi. LOL.

Two more tours have been done so posts coming soon.

This is a late post but and I am glad it has finally been posted.
Better late than never, eh?

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