Shopping Guide in the Sales

The SALES are on!! The main objective for retailers is to get rid of stock, please never forget this!

Well, at Ama Tu Armario, we say these are the best sales!

This is why: –

  • There is a mix of seasons in the sales stock!
  • We are generally and naturally happier because its summer.

So depending on your personal needs and not relying on trend, assess your wardrobe. Look, Listen and Love it….just as it is.

tu imagen

This process is vital in determining the next steps for the shopping experience.

  1. Love your List: Make a list starting with inner wear! Yes, this is the basis of any outfit! Sporty, Casual, Chic, Boho, whatever style always starts with underwear. Then make an inventory of everything based on what is in current wardrobe, what you need and what you want. Those are two different columns. Also include ‘must-have’ such as good lingerie. I cannot stress this enough.


  1. Love your Shopping Route: Physical or Virtual? They are both on sale now! Hurrahhh! This perhaps is the best time to venture into those upper level stores you can hardly afford on a regular basis. Also, enjoy and venture into the world of virtual shopping – Internet Shopping. Banking cards like ING have discounts on online stores like ASOS, etc


  1. Loving your trend: Once your basics and must-haves are catered for, and you fancy some trendy haute couture stuff, figure out how you want to vary this. Don’t invest in excess in one just fashion trend totally-now item if you want various items…. Get yourself accessories like that handbag, some leather shoes, the blazer that goes with everything, a restorative beauty product, etc Yes at Ama Tu Armario we also talk beauty.


  1. Love is Comfort: Wearing comfy clothes and shoes is key so that you don’t have to return home because your feet are throbbing and you miss out on sizes! In SALES, the sizes are limited…. Some stores have queues from dawn!!! Comfy clothes so that you can try on stuff with ease in the fitting rooms.


  1. Love your Wallet: Your BUDGET is the last point and in no means the least! If anything, its probably the most important! Knowing exactly how much you can spend is vital for wellbeing. We don’t want to be in debt because of shopping. Put limits! Stick to those limits. This makes a happier person.


NOTE: Keep all the receipts as it is normal avoid the fitting room queues or change your mind at home after making a rash decision in the heat f excitement. Save all tickets so you can change what you do not want without regrets.

NOTE: Just because the original price was 200€ and now its 75€ does not mean you save 125€. It simply means you have spent 75€! Keep it real and MAKE IT COUNT!

How do you SHOP? Please do share.


Lets wardrobe soon @Ama Tu Armario




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