The 3S. Holiday Wardrobe

Yes, S for SEA SAND and SUN!!!

So you are set to start your annual holidays in four days time!!

You and I and thousands of other women want to check in more bags than a concierge can carry in one trolley!! OH, and we are off to the beach!!

How many bikinis? How many sarongs? How many slip dresses? What about the beauty bag? and the lovely wedges abd sandals? and that so very summer in venice sun hat?


I want my holiday wardrobe CONSCIOUS, CUTE, CAPSULE and CONVENIENT!! 4C!!

Get intouch with Wardrobe Stylist Beryl Kiki and she will impart the 4 strategic pillars to the perfect and pretty holiday wardrobe!!


Lets wardrobe soon @Ama Tu Armario


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