The Holiday Suitcase

OMG!!! The summer holidays are here!!!! Been looking forward to this since….. the last summer hahahahhaha. Oh and last summer …who can forget how last summer holidays started!! You arrived at the posh and magestic 4 star hotel with your sea view rooma nd as you open your suitcase….  the contents resemble a war zone!! Everthing you rolled is is creased, the shampoo has exploded and you’ve left your favourite shoes at home. Oh, and you cant find anything to wear!!

Woman Kneeling On Overstuffed Suitcase

Did you start packing the night before your trip? Did you plan your days and the activities? Oh dear!!!  Take your time and really think about what you need.

Consider where you’re going and how long you’ll be there. A weekend in Marbella will need a different wardrobe to a fortnight in Cadiz and ofcourse a different suitcase plan for a month in Cantabria.

Check the weather forecast of your destination and pack accordingly.

Think about how many outfits you will need. You might want four or five changes for a weekend away, but you certainly don’t need 14 different evening outfits for a fortnight’s summer holiday – you need about nine as there will be evenings you don’t do anything. If you’re staying in a hotel, you may be able to get outfits laundered.

Do you have a plan on how you pack? Please do share.


Lets wardrobe soon @Ama Tu Armario


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