Elements de-koded

Below are guidelines I used to simplify my wardrobe – hope you find it useful.

Basic Pants and Jeans

You’ll want to include at least two classic pairs of pants and a pair of jeans for your basic fashion wardrobe. Rather than follow trends, select rises and leg lines that flatter your body type.

Most women look best in a rise that comes slightly below the natural waist.
•Tapered leg – pants that taper and are smaller at the ankle
•Straight leg – pants that are the same width at the ankle as the knee
•Boot leg – pants that are slightly wider at the ankle to provide ample room for boots
•Wide leg – pants that are significantly wider at the ankle than the knee

Knit Tops
Include two or three knit tops with basic lines, you’ll want them to hit you mid-hip.

Necklines to flatter your body:
•Scoop neck top – best neckline to show off an attractive neck and bustline
•V-neck top – elongates your look and gives the illusion of a long neck
•Boat neck top – broadens the shoulders
•Crew neck – classic style that is ideal for women with perfect proportions
•Turtleneck – great style for women with long necks

Trench Coat

Burberry Trench Coat


The classic trench coat will work with your wardrobe for years. Wear it in spring and summer months as a raincoat or layer it with sweaters and scarves to stay warm in the fall and winter.

Trench coat styling:
•Single button styling – slenderizing and elongating
•Double-breasted styling – broadens the look with military style
•V-neck with notched collar – classic, versatile and comfortable
•Belted – accents a small waist

Sheath Dress
The sheath is the most versatile of all dress styles. Wear it in black or have one in your favorite color to make your personal statement.

Ways to change the look of the sheath dress:
•Add a denim jacket to give it a casual look.
•Top it with a sparkling glitter or sequined jacket to dress it up.
•Belt it and add a blazer for the office.
•Wear a shrug or cape for an evening out.

Button-Front White Shirt
A button-front white shirt can be a girl’s best friend.

Ways to change the look of a button-front white shirt:
•Slip it on over a jewel-tone or print tank and leave it unbuttoned.
•Add it to your jeans and T-shirt for a layered look.
•Wear it over your sheath dress with or without a belt.
•Embellish it with scarves, brooches and necklaces.

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats

Regardless of your figure type and style, you’ll want a high-quality, comfortable pair of ballet flats in your wardrobe. Wear them with jeans or your favorite dress. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to complement your wardrobe.

Types of ballet flats:
•Basic neutral – for everyday wear with jeans or a business casual outfit
•Jewel-tone – to add color to a neutral outfit
•Sequined or sparkling – to dress up and add a festive look to an outfit

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