My "NEW" Wardrobe

Looks like my wardrobe situation wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. It took me two hours. Thats not bad right?!?! Well, maybe its relative.
Sub-conconsciously, I was organised hahahaha. I had out my summer wear, and in suitcases I had my winter wear neatly stored.

What I realised is that I have no clear evidence of autumn wear. This is easily explained by the simple fact that England has two seasons with one being less wet and windy.

I arranged my wardrobe with basic fashion pieces that will always be in style. I have only attempted to arrange the summer into autumn clothes. One step at a time. I am also hoping to attempt the layering idea to make it work into late autumn. And Winter will see the throwing of a big coat, scarf and gloves. Really wish I could be somewhere tropical for the most of winter. Dreams eh!

The advice in the fashion world is to include a handful of basic wardrobe items to save money while you stay in style. To invest in the highest quality pieces you can afford since you’ll have them for years. To insure that everything fits well, have it professionally altered.

At the moment, I have these

-a pair of slacks
-a white v-neck sweater
-a stripe blue/white sweater & a black button-down sweater
-a form fitting black dress/sheath dress
-a cotton white shirt
-silk cream shirt and a satin white blouse
-red suede ballet pumps
-dark blue skinny jeans
-mac knee length coat

Come winter I will de-suitcase

+wool coat
+brown knee high boots
+black ankle boots

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