D is for Dresses

The Jumpsuit

The dress, my fave wardrobe staple. From maxis, LBD or a casual tea dress, a bodycon, or one shoulder, the prom dress and the wedding dress. I love me dresses. They are simple to wear – I mean, I don’t have to look for a top or bottom to go with it 🙂 Its all in one. Which then also brings my new love, the jumpsuit. The playsuit too but not so much as the jumpsuit. I love me the jumpsuit.

Well, as pictures speak a thousand words…..


1.Chili Pepper 2.Oli 3.Oasis 4.House of Frasier 5. Miss Selfridge 6.Coast



One Shoulder Dresses



The LBD in variation


The Tea Dress (Vintage)


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