The Art of Accessorising

Sometimes, just sometimes, why is it quite challenging to put your own outfit together and constantly get it right? I guess because mostly it’s all a matter of taste, trend, genre, external environment and I believe most importantly and above all else its the FIT.

Well more than designer pieces, your own personal style is based on your ability to put outfits together so below are collected tips to help you learn more about the art of putting outfits together.

First and foremost remember that it’s about you, your taste, your personality, your individuality. For me, style expresses my inner state and preferences.

Remember the worst dressed lists of celebrities? They do wear designer clothes but cannot always put an outfit together. They make that awful list for a real miss!!! Again it might be a matter of taste but there are a couple of rules for putting outfits together:

Ideal Fit: More than clothes size, there is also how it suits your body shape. Being objective about what a certain clothing item does to your figure is important. Does it hide it much? Does it reveal too much? It is important to look good in the clothes you like. Unfortunately sometimes the dress you like can make you look off-key or accentuate something you wanted to hide.

Colors and Prints: Colors and prints can bring out the best in your eyes, hair and skin tone. When buying clothes try on various colors and prints to see which ones make you look your best and accentuate the best in your appearance.The key is experimenting with colors if you want to jazz up your outfit and wardrobe in general. Again pick colors that suit you best and bring out lively tones in your color skin and hair.

Putting it Together: A little inspiration and fantasy in putting an outfit together makes it work.. The style is your vision. So make this vision help you in creating a fashionable look – suited to the occasion of course.

Focus point: You can pick one bold item from your wardrobe and use it as a base around which you will be building the look. With a white tee and black pants, throw in an interesting twist like a bold jacket, or unexpected footwear or accessories.

Basic Background: Your range of basic background clothing items (a pencil skirt/black pants, white shirt and a jacket) – When putting an outfit together you might pay attention to details like footwear, bags, accessories, hats, and jewelry as those can make a great difference in a plain everyday look.

Additional: —You might have been working on that outfit all day but what about hair and makeup? These should match your outfit or contrast it in a nice way adding an unexpected twist into your whole look. Get the help of a professional in terms of hairstyle for your face shape, keep your face and brows in check and think your makeup through for every outfit. If you don’t wear much of it, you still should look fresh-faced and have neatly shaped eyebrows.

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