Working From Home Wardrobe 2020

Has the future been super fast forwarded? Flexible working, hot desking and remote working is here….Covid-19 has 2020 realising that working from home, working remotely, is a real thing. The future of work seems to be here. NOW.

As a person and wardrobe stylist who has been working from home from waaaay before, I have an appreciation of so many posts popping up that advice on how to actually work from home with tips ranging from wellness and excercise (see previous post), desk area and setting up designated work space to changing out of pyjamas to feel professional and be productive.

Capsule Wardrobe a la Ama Tu Armario

‘You know when you open your wardrobe and you have nothing to wear?” yet there are clothes hanging and folded in there…perhaps even on the floor? So some might be struggling with what to wear to work now that work is at home. So here I try to really superficially lay out a fundamental wardrobe base. This base is what should help when you get dressed.

I am a big champion of the capsule wardrobe. Its probably my signature offer. Less is more. One becomes more appreciative of the items that spark joy a la Marie Kondo. Building a capsule wardrobe starts from identifying wardrobe basics that conform with ones own personal circumstances and stage in life plus all the other bits like industry, status, position, etc.

Basic wardrobe items to build up on

These basics will vary from wardrobe to wardrobe and aslo from era to era. My personal wardrobe is neutral and natural fabrics, eccentric in fashion while my fave accent colour is black. I am currently going into african multi colour kitenge and kimono phase. Another post.

Starting Basic Wardrobe

Please let me know what your current situation in the wardrobe is like. Do you have

  1. Comfortable pants apart from leggings
  2. Pretty beautiful soft tops i.e. not your cotton crisp shirts
  3. Easy shift dresses
  4. Fancy message tees and plain tees
  5. Fancy skirt to pair with the plain tee to give you an umfff for a cyber meeting. no one will see it as you are seated but your mood is a whole vibe.
  6. Accessories that express your personality

By literally dressing the part, you dress for success. I hope this post inspires.

Please do share how you go about your woes or triumphs of working from home wardrobe.

Working from home and keeping it stylish.


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