Style and Wellness at Home 2020

My personal fitness regime started in 2019 with #365Challenge to move and excercise daily. First I chose then to work out at home or wherever I woke up and not necessarily requiring a gym facility. Second, I got myself some work out gear and zero equipment. I got me some really nice workout gear that would motivate me to workout at home. Does that make sense?

Third I signed up for accountability through @365movers started by @AnneMarieBurugu. It was by far the most committed I have ever been to myself and the best thing I have ever done for myself. I met some of the most amazing and beautiful people. Check out my personal page @berylkiki on Instagram.

Lastly, 2020 has been literally easier to continue with the daily excersises than not to. It has not been an easy nor simple journey. It has been and adventure of self discovery and very difficult moutnains to climb and valleys to cross. Thus far, it feels wholesome to work out on a daily basis. From light movements lasting a minimum of 30min walk to varied sessions from YOUTUBE like HIIT cardio workouts, yoga etc always best in the morning and always done in the living room and making it fashion.

OYDHO workout gear

COVID-19 is a WHO acknowledge world pandemic. It is scary stuff. The world is at a standstill. Working From Home is a real reality as majority of the world is advised to self-quaratine and enforced too. As someone who has always worked from home this is not very new to me buuuuut the element of HAVE TO is right down to corona virus.

On this fitness journey I have also discovered some remarkable kenyan sports brands like @enda a footwear enterprise that is going places one step at a time. Also @geniosport which has some amazing gym kit that i need in my wardrobe. At the moment I am a @oyshosport die hard fan.

Are you into taking care of yourself? Please share how.

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