OTR II in Barcelona 2018

I have always been a Beyonce fan. Admitedly not such a  #beyhive so to speak because when the OTR II tour dates were announced and then heard the PRICES, I did not even blink to check. I heard they were mortgage rates and I let it be.

Then there was that EPIC Coachella 2018 that got renamed #Beychella with two consecutive weekends where they reclaimed the throne as Queen and King! I literally bowed down in my living room glued to my IG watching every #coachella story I could.

In June, back from a trip, we book affordable OTRII tickets. The cherry on top is the drop of the full length duo album of EVERYTHING IS LOVE in London. An album message about believing in love, celebrating the present, being aspirational…. I digress.

Wednesday 11th July 2018 we get on the fast train form Madrid to Barcelona at 11:30hrs with my friend and literally hundreds of other #beyhive fans. Its all so very exciting! Bey merch everywhere, fashionable people everywhere, yes these are things I notice. Of course I cannot wait to see the whole wardrobe change!OTRII 2At 21:15hrs we are running through the hot streets of Barcelona to get to Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys – up some 3000 steps #TrueStory as at there are escalators as well.

Well we arrived just in time, they are performing HOLY GRAIL, rush in the queen is on  stage. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!! I have goosbumps, chills, I am perspiring and I have done major cardio and its all so very exciting!! I really did not think I am going to feel all kinds of…… feelings! BONNIE & CLYDE, DRUNK IN LOVE, DIVA, DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDER, I am in a trance as its all soooooo AMAZING! I cannot explain it!OTRII 4OTRII 6The stage slightly resembles the Formation World Tour with two catwalks with LED lights deep into the VIP crowd which allowed for some great pictures, interaction and vibes. Oh and the brass band a la coachella and amazing dancers! Beyonce is just everything and more. The wardrobe selection is well thought out and inspiring! CRAZY INLOVE look was a modernised version of the original – sparkly white top and pearled out denim shorts. Her RING THE ALARM outfit was fire and serene at the same time.OTRII 5The atmosphere is buzzing! Jay-Z does some covers and Beyonce comes back on stage with FLAWLESS/FEELING MYSELF and a rendition of NAUGHTY GIRL. BIG PIMPIN, RUN THIS TOWN… I am actually enjoying Jay-Z as well. I was a little bit like hmmmmpphhh but I am singing along and having the best time. Jay-Z commands so much energy with songs like 99 PROBLEMS and Public Service Announcemnt that it re-energizes the crowds. OTRII 7They cover almost 40 songs over just two hours with I CARE, RESENTMENT, FAMILY FEUD, UPGRADE YOU, FORMATION, RUN THE WORLD, etc etc

The images from videos worthy of a cinema, production and story, is that the power couple are where they are because of what they believe in. They believe in themselves, they believe in love. It doesnt matter what other people think, what you may have done in the past (your past does not define you!)… all that matters is LOVE. I am in a rollercoaster of emotions and I am feeling quite ……. inspired. YES. OTRII 8Let’s LOVE one another and love everything we do. Put in LOVE, you get LOVE.

Ciao ciao xoxo







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