Dramatic and romantic blouses

Dramatic and Romantic Blouses

Dramatic and romantic blouse trend have a fairytale-esq feel to them creating drama and romance through satin, silk and transparent frills.

whiteIn white, I simply gush and lush over its versatility of ladylike folds , high neck and feel on my skin.

Frills small and big, cold shoulders and high victorian necks in sweet pink hues for every taste, style and ocassion.

A red, plain or stripped, voluminous chiffon piece that styled with neutrals separates gives of the perfect aura of a romantic boss girl.

How about a sheer silky chiffon dolce vita piece of tropical birds or rose coloured rose prints blouse like exemplary pieces from dolce & gabbana with a tie neck.

Black will always undoubtedly be the safe go to for any occasion especially for when you have no idea what to wear. Loving those balloon sleeves.

What do you reckon? Hope this inspires Spring 2018 Wardrobes and styles.


Lets Wardrobe soon @AmaTuArmario.


ciao ciao xoxo

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