The Black Turtle Neck

Winter is here!! For real!! These past few days have been sub zerodegrees celcious and that really cold for Madrid. No sun, all rain and grey skies. All is well though as the snow and rain have cleared the dusty air – however we ALL need to sign the SAVE THE ARTIC petition supported by likes of Vivienne Westwood link here .

So back to the under-rated yet highly versatile black turtle neck. It is practical as it can be worn over or under, keeping you warm and stylish not forgetting its super power to intantly updgrade any outfit.

Here are some tips and inspirational looks. Also do share how you wear yours.

turtleneck 3


turtleneck 2

turtleneck 4


turtleneck 1

Lets wardrobe soon @AmaTuArmario

ciao ciao xoxo


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