Porto, Portugal

January 2018 started off really well and I have been so busy, blessed and booking assignments I am grateful. I di manage to write down my goals and dreams and aspirations and to be hnest, I got overwhelmed by it all and resummarised it to just ONE main thing: CONSISTENCY! See now how that is just one single thing yet I feel it encapsules everything I am working towards. Its a task, a challenge and everyday I struggle to recognise it in everything that I do. Which includes posting updates.

How are you guys doing with your 2018 resolutions? Have you managed to stay on track? Have you ammended? Whatever the case, I truly hope that you are happy, in the journey not just anxious about the result. Enjoy the journey.

I would be more than happy to be able to meet up in madrid with like minded people. We dont have to be in the fashion industry (becaus I kinda am not really!!) however I mean like minded in that we are aiming to live the best versions of us each and everyday. It would be lovely to share and exchange experiences. I live in Madrid, SPain so I would start here. However, I could travel too 🙂

looking at Kiki

Here are some pictures of a styling event in Porto, Portugal that happened mid January 2018. It was such a wonderful experience as I got to share it with amazing Porto residents who are now and hope to be long time term friends…. you know when you just click with someone.  Forever grateful to Adam Bonn @adambonn and Paula Calheiros @viveroporto and all the guests who mad it what it was – truly exceptional experience.

The theme of the event was New Year 2018 with hopes and dreams to fulfill learning to enjoy the journey.


The idea of associating the core values of port, summarised as timeless fortitude, and achieving these values on a personal level within the context of a new 2018.

This took place at My Porto Cruz, in Porto Portugal, a beautiful space which offered us a beautiful Connection plus port wine tasting experience.

port and bow ties

kiki and Ali

glasses and shoes1

Lets Wardrobe soon @AmaTuArmario









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