How To Remove Stains

Another  HELP ME PLEASE sms “…. My shimmery setting powder is loose everywhere inside my day bag…”.

Blog post on brilliant tricks on how to combat stains. These are my favorite tricks (and my mothers!! And my friends mothers!! lol) which I am obviously partial to.

The most common I have received this Festive Season:

wineRed Wine: Combat red wine stains by soaking in white wine for like 10-15min depending on how recent the stain is. Make a thick baking powder paste and cover for a few hours then wash.

oil 1Oil: Lift oil stain on leather by covering and coating the stain with baby powder and let sit over night. Also Fairy liquid works on oil and grease stains on clothing.


liquid makeup 1Liquid make up: Use shaving cream (yes!!) and a wash cloth to dab out liquid makeup on blouse and shirt collars.

lipstickLipstick: Use hairspray.


make up wipes

Last but not least, the loose powder make up all over inside your bag, use moist/wet make up removal wipes. It works on your face, it will work in your bag! Wipe your bag clean and voila!

What do you think? You have different tips, please share.


Lets wardrobe soon @AmaTuArmario.

Ciao Ciao xoxo

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