Dress for Success

Ah ha!! Yes! Dressing well and appropriately for the part you want can actually make you successful. Pschologically dressing well pumps you with confidence and automatically changes your surroundings. If you want it, dress for it! Be it formal and corporate or creative and flambouyant.


Studies have shown that dressing for the position you want motivates and increases  clear thinking.

It really is just as simple as like a suit is associated with business tycoons thus empowerement comes in wearing a smart suit. Similarly to a research bio-chem student wearing a lab coat and just like that wearing a specific sports uniform will increase your efficiency in playing that sport as it makes the experience more real.

The Art of dressing and skills combined together elevates to success and more importantly, being happy.

This is how I styled my fave wardrobe pieces for an Entrprenuers Networking event.


Do share your looks.


Lets Wardrobe soon @AmaTuArmario.

Ciao ciao xoxo

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