Women Who Inspire

This beautiful life has had me reflecting and observing. I know this is a style blog and this is not going to be a fashion style post. However, its a style post. Style of people in my life.

Women who have inadvertently inspired me this week are some friends, and women who do not even know I exist. My circle of friends is lately a very inspiring and stylish circle, yes. Its organic how this has been revealed to me. Every day has been a radiant day.  Conversations with Bisila Bokoko, Marita, Maria Makeda, Isabel Yague, Bianca Menendez.

I managed to spend every evening this with a woman who ignited inspiration in me, brushed away my worries and showed me love.

Monday was greek goddess Kate who since moving closer I had seen less of. So she invited me over for a bio/eco dinner. Totally up my street.

Tuesday was spanish soul sister Teresa who is a ray of light as we shared a burrito, shares our passions and laid bare our souls in dreams and aspirations.

Wednesday had a long skype conversation with Sham Karim who I just rediscovered that is an an amazing artist, while the evening was spent with little angel Paula and Shy Aitana, who are actually six years old. They shared with me their day, daydreams and art of sincere story-elling in the most open and innovative ways that made me appreciate the present and being in thier presence.

Thursday was Portuguese Power Pereira who made the boldest life changing decision of Single motherhood. This is the boldest in my circle of freinds., Mi Rubia Favorita called me to go see Mabel Katz. I had heard of Ho´oponopono and wanted to go see her, then life took over and I forgot all about it. Last minute MRF calls asking if I am going. We do not have tickets. I ask for tickets and get them (all you have to do is ask).

Friday, tonight,  with Inspirational Inma  who always always is a ray of light and inspiration. Later on in the evening will meet up with Spanish Parisian Laura and her bundle of joy. Note that all this has been with minimal planning and last minute confirmation.

This has been a pillow, cushion, to the blow that I could not be in Paris this weekend with my LONDON sisters Alexxa, Yvy and Lys. Yet they are taking me with them as they will live the weekend vicariously through them. There is no greater love.

I am so grateful to have such women be in my life.



Over the weekend, I will be sure to call on mother dearest adn fave sister sibling just so I can add them to this weeks monumental inspirational achievements.

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