The skirt has seen many transitions in the past and in modern times. In the past men wore skirts. Yes really. Today, the skirt is a feminine and pretty piece that  empowers women.

Anyone can rock a skirt, David Beckham, Jaden Smith, Russell Crowe in Gladiator, Brad Pitt in TROY, etc etc.

There is a skirt for every body shape, size and age. A fashion statement or an investment piece that ties the wardrobe together in that it is versatile and can be worn with a statement tee, a crisp white shirt or a denim shirt, frilly blouse or a satin number and this seasons knits. Fall Winter 2017 sees a variety of flavourful skirts:

| asymetrical |  stripes | metallic pleated |full flowered |hound tooth with frill |dog tooth with buttons |

to suit different personalities, lifestyles and budgets on all levels of texture, print and fabric. Choose a versatile skirt that works well in a capsule wardrobe.

ama tu armario

Go on and try it for yourself. Sharing is stylish, how would you style yours?

Lets Wardrobe soon.


Ciao ciao xoxo

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