The Best Dressed Invite

Occasion: An invitation to share love and an unforgettable experience calls for dressing the part to first holy communions, weddings, baptisms, graduation, special birthdays, etc.

Personal Shopper duties: I always advice that the outfit, apart from being special and making one feel special, should really and truly be an authentic reflection of one´s personality, ie avoid trendy because your favourite blogger is on it.

The most stylish element is to have confidence in yourself and in your look.

Madrid: I did a wardrobe look for wedding invite. A really enjoyable part of my job as I get to see faces light up as they discover amazing finds.

Stylish Tour: So here I share a mini shopping and hughly personalised route to find gems and collectives to be the best dressed invite.

  • Started with amazing brunch at Dray Martina on calle argensola 7 where we iron out the objectives of the session including budget in time and financial.
  • Then hit the stores starting with Oliphant on same street …next door to Brunch.
  • Nice Things calle argenosla 3 for accessories.
  • Then onto Coosy and Proxima Parada on Conde Xiquena 9; store concept that I like for its made in spain stuff.
  • Next stop was at De flores y Floreros for footwear on calle del Almte., 16.
  • It just so happened that La Mas Mona had a special sale that weekend on Calle del Almte., 17.
  • Finsihed off at Dresseos Showroom on calle del Almte., 25.

The shopping was succesful by this time and went to Cafe Gijon for a wrap-up chat.





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