Blue Stripe Poplin Blouse

Key styling solutions are simply based on a wardrobe that has key stylish pieces. Pieces that reflect your best qualities plus pieces that are versatile, durable, approriate, well-fitting and trendy to some extent just so that you are not out dated.

A blue stripe poplin blouse is a piece that can transition season to season as it can be dressed up or casual to suit occassion and personal style preference.

blusa poplin rayas

This versatile and good quality blouse is made of cotton thus it is comfortable sin warm weather and also during cooler times with a layer like a scarf.

It can be worn with dress pants and a blazer for smart casual office wear and with “damaged” jeans and trainers for laid back relax look,

Funky and fun versions of the blue stripe poplin blouse to suit your age, profession and personal style so that you always feel unique and authentic.

Use ruffles to add volume at the top for the rectangle or triangle shape. Ruffles also add an element of drama so other body shapes can use ruffles in different styles.

Embroidery and flowers empower and has an air of free sprited. This particular one posted here is fun, easy to wear as it works well as a shirt dress, over skinny jeans or even open as a duster coat.

How would you incorporate a blue stripe poplin blouse into your wardrobe?

ciao ciao


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