Spring Wardobe

spring clean closet Spring is upon us signalled by the day that has not stopped weeping…it been raining all day. Light down pour, down piur all the same.

So as we get ready to bis farewell to the Winter that was beautifully white, cold and bright all at the same time….gatta love Madrid.


Here are some tips on how to shed off the winter skin and get into the spring of things.

Packing well is important and basically includes bags or boxes.spring clean closet questions

Tasks include storage of clothing, footwear, hats and coats – quickly and easily. Knowing when to say good bye to clothes when their purpose is fulfilled, well worn, out of fashion, out of fit in size and age and function.

Making an inventory of stored items helps in not only knowing what one has but also in what can be stocked in the coming sales end of season for following seasons!

spring clean closet 1

  • Folding clothes like woolen sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, scarves and hats to protect them from dust and moths (see my gift bags!).
  • Suits, trousers and coast are best hanged however can be rolled for lack of nine month hanging space.
  • Buttons and zippers fastened.
  • Silk and satin stored in tissue then box.
  • Footwear to be cleaned and dust free, box by box solution with each model in a bag or box.


Lets wardrobe soon @Ama Tu Armario


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