Pastels 2015

2015 and pastels are in the fashion scene and promise to stay till summer 2015 so its a safe bet work it into your wardrobe.

From red carpet scenes to currently trending.

on tehe red carpet

These can be the easiest colors to work into a wardrobe without much hassle and look fashionably classy. Here are a few ways I’ve worked some of my favorite pastel hues into recent looks along with tips to help you feel confident in these light shades.

Pastels and White
Pastels and White  Use white as a base. I love the color sky blue and found that it works really well with white and not black as an accent. Balance out your pastels with black if you prefer an edgier look. Also light pink with white.

Go monochromatic.

monochromatic multi

If you find varying shades of the same pastel color, it can be fun to pair them up for a relaxed, monochrome look. Combining all sorts of pastel colors using soft tones of the same color can be stylish and trendy.

monochromatic blue

Accessorize with pastels. Whether it be a pair of sneakers or a statement necklace, if you want your pastels in small doses, work the shades into an ensemble with accessories. It’s a fun change of pace that anyone can pull off.


Happy Sweet Candy Wardrobe:

Simple Pastel Outfit

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