AGE and Style

Most of the time it sits well to dress age appropriate. We mean real age and we also stress most of the time.

We may feel young or old at heart but it does not mean being toooo eccentric nor drabby!

At 360 Style Concierge we believe in dressing to uplift your mood, address your personality and character whilst keeping tasteful and stylish!

In your 2os you can be the TREND follower and young at heart as you ever going to be without going over your age.

20 Somethings


In the 30s, when we believe we are getting “it” sussed out and are more or less into the rhythm as we plan what to wear ….

30 something


They say forty is the new 30….and I love it!! Animal print is devoured by ALL age groups woldn´t you say?

40 is the new 30


Ah the blessed 50s. Isn´t life just grand!?! My mum is my greatest inspiration!

50 somethings


The 60s are Vibrant and glowing

60 somethings


The wise and the lovely 70 +… Keeping it classy in Neutral and investment pieces aquired

70 somethings



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