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Leighton Meester – Fashionista

Leighton Meester is a real fahionista with a sense of style to admire as she puts it “These days I´m less concerned with fashion for fashion´s sake”.

I recently read an article by Alex Apatoff of about Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl and real fashionista Leighton Meester sharing that her everyday life is a lot less over-the-top stylish — and a lot more relatable — this caught my attention as it’s the very essence of 360 Style Concierge as she has also colaborated with Sunsilk’s “Life Can’t Wait” campaign to motivate women to pursue their dreams just like BKM Women Foundation. Here are a few favorite revelations.

Relax style
Photo: courtesy Jimmy Choo

She’s inspired by very diverse women.
She cites Diane Keaton and Stevie Nicks as style inspirations. But if she had to walk in someone else’s shoes for the day, she’d pick Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, “who speaks up for all women and their right to health care.”

She’s not going to suffer for fashion.
“I like to experiment and change depending on mood, but comfort is most important to me,” she says, adding that her style has evolved since she first entered the spotlight. “Like anyone, I’ve gone through fashion phases, but the biggest difference is that I’m less concerned with fashion for fashion’s sake. I find that I’m happiest when I’m comfortable in my favorite key items, so I just add or subtract from my tried and true items to create a certain look.”

Phot: courtesy Jimmy Choo
Phot: courtesy Jimmy Choo

Her best beauty secret? It starts from within.
Beauty starts from within. “The most important aspect of emotional well-being for me is getting enough rest. I go to sleep and wake up early, and rest when I need, which is important in staying healthy when you have a hectic schedule. Stretching, staying hydrated and keeping my body in motion, even with a relaxing walk, is very equalizing.”

And her purse isn’t overflowing with pricey lipsticks and fancy compacts.
Open up her handbag and you’ll find: “reusable stainless steel or glass water bottle, sunglasses, hand cream or cuticle oil, lip balm, hair clips and pins, and current reading material.” The cuticle oil and lip balm (along with SPF) are her three low-maintenance desert island must-haves, but she does get a little fancy when it comes to her favorite shades (they’re Jimmy Choo, of course!).

Etnhic prints
Photo: Courtesy Jimmy Choo

And of course, she looks fly with a little help from her friends.
“I appreciate honesty so I would always ask a good friend for fashion advice, and I will give input but I have some very stylish friends!”

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