U is for Understated Style

Understated yet making a statement would be my ideal personal style. On a quest to get me that wardrobe.
So, What makes the understated look sooooooo a must want.
What makes the understated style could be the minimalist approach where its constructing the wardrobe using demure colours from the nude natural palette and perhaps most effectively making it a signature style.
I have seen some fashionistas take it to the level where its label-less yet they carrying labels. I like to call it the rich-lady look.
I would like to think its not about the labels because my bank just wont even acknowledge that conversation. No negotiations.
Besides, colour perks me up.  So can colour(ful) items also make up the minimalist look?

So here are some pics as usual, ENJOY.


Simply beautiful


Pop of Colour still understated hummm
Queens of Minimalism
me loves, totally

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