Invest in Investment Pieces

Have you ever just wanted to look like a million dollars on a budget? Or actually know people who constantly look a million bucks and effortlessly chic? The answer: buy the classics that make you look like a million bucks.

As great as the leopard-print is grrrrrt on skinny jeans, shoes, purses, pencil skirt, well, virtually everything….pick up a pair of perfectly-tailored black pants instead. Here’s how to shop for the three investment pieces that belong in every enchanting closet.

toteA Haute Handbag

Instead of having a collection of purses and handbags, opt for one classic investment haute bag. As fun as cheaper bags can get with all the glitz and colour following trend, they won’t last a season nor months if they are made from cheap raw material.

Brand and label aside, look at designers who have been around for a while. Check out their styles and craftsmanship into their products. These will tend to last and ”werk” all year round, time and time again.

It is advisable to choose neutral colours like black, grey, brown or beige. Go for styles that have been around and that are simple like a tote which will still be in ”fashion” 7 years later.

Go for a just-right-size. Easy to carry to work, afterwork drinks and even the weekend.

A Power Suit

I think and get my inspiration from the Coco Chanel suits i.e. well made fully lined, classic in style and fit, neutral colour and best of all amazing long lasting high quality fabric.  Matching jacket and skirt/pants has power-suit all over it.  When purchasing, make it count.
Try on many, its worth it. To top it off, I get mine custom-fit with my trusted dry-cleaners.


Sophisticated Shoes

My kryptonite.If I could, I definately would have a closet full of shoes to the point of not paying a monthly mortgage to get those sexy sandals. However, had to learn to pick and leave ’em.

I stick to good-quality leather that will only look better with age and will not sweat-out my feet. Remember, you will be wearing these for over 7 hours a day Thats if happy hour isnt included. The softer and suppler the leather, the better it will mold to your foot. Go for cushioning plus you can add padding under the insole and ball of the foot.

As with an investment piece, go for classic in style, heel height and colour leave the neon and studs othe pieces.

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