N.O is for Oh! No! Fashion DON’TS

Ever caught an episode of the fashion police on E! channel? Hillarious most of the time and other times I catch myself actually lovin’ the fashion don’ts that they point out!
Style is truly individual so even the stuff I am about to show-up on here are really more my taste of don’ts than legislative DON’Ts.

1. Skimpy Clothes….leave it to the performers and entertainers on STAGE


2. Wearing tights as pants….aaarrgghhh Ms Vergara!!


3. Sexualised kids clothes….no comment!!!


4. Socks with sandals…these ones….NO! NO!DONT!


5. Visible panty line….erm…no comment?!


skimpy clothes again…leave it to the satrs…they have an agenda!

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