Life catches up….

Feels like… FOREVER…. but I am back. In more ways than a few.

Time really does fly. An hour, an afternoon, a day, a week, a month….and a whole year passes by and here I am. Princess of Procrastination.

A lot of new year’s resolutions probably caused panic stampedes. I mean why does it have to be about achievements like job promotions,  etc. I am not the Resoltution Making type of girl so this year was no exception.
My resolutions were even simpler this year. I simply assessed how happy I felt (happyness is relative) in every aspect of my life that being physical health and level of sexyness of the inner goddess, mental health hoping that the chats I have with me are ok by all standards and finally, the spiritual place that I am in is with my faith intact and beliefs that surpass morality and simple logic to be a good neighbour, employee, friend, daughter, lover, friend, stranger. A good samaritan.

To me, it should be about what makes me happy and the consequences/effects that that has on loved ones around me. As I go about making me happy, I should be mindful that the world goes on and that I maintain respect for others: in that I realise the impact of my life changing decisions can be confusing. Perhaps, even abrubt.

A lot of the time we beat ourselves up about things that we have not achieved, about the lack of progression in our lives, about situations we think or feel we should have handled better, it’s all about shoulda coulda woulda. I think this is a normal stage in life that all progressive people will go through, have gone through. And we probably go through it over and over again in life.
As soon as we get in a rut, a routine, a normalacy….most want a change, add spice and unpredictability in our lives. There are often the biggers like the porsche buyers, harley davidson riders, even glamour camper van travellers, nip-tuckers, extreme nip-tuckers not forgetting cougers and the hugh-hefners. I digress.

So just as 2012 was harder and hardest, I still managed to enjoy life and have experiences I will forever treasure…2013 will be even better because it started off really hard. Like the moon and the ocean, it gets better and worse and time passes. As a religious person, I get down on my knees and simply be thankful for having made it to now knowing that I still have a purpose to fulfil. No regrets.


Make 2013 count. Dont count the numbers on the weighing scales or tape measure, dont count how many pennies are in the account (in debit!!) or how many less ciggies you take, or how many air miles you score, or how many friends, etc Instead, count the blessings. Make everyday count

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