Playing Catch-up ….

I have been lost in the wheel of life. Sounds positive right? Well, I gats to take the positive view.

So, been upto sooo many things and down from others too.
Shall start with the downs (well, so that we finish on a high note!).

I was DELE-d out and down which means I must re-sit in Novemeber. Which means I should be blogging in spanish for practice hhhmmmmm……

That is it with the downers. Really no more that I can remember.
It was an awesome summer.

So, the good stuff that I have been busy buzzing with:

Got a temporary job as a Financiera Analista in gas industry


Wedding of the Millenium – Peggy & Miguel in Valencia, Spain July 2012


Re-starting the Money Jars saving scheme
I put on a few (ahem!) kilos. It’s not so bad because I actually don’t mind. Its just that my wardrobe is LITERALLY complaining at the seams. And my bank account isn’t that comfortable in negotiating a new wardrobe budget. So, I will be doing a session ofsweat sessions.
Peer pressure = I have read these 🙂 yep, in spanish

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