A is for Accessories

Hurrraaahh for the role of accessories in creating the right look. They make our look brighter, sexier, more playful and stylish. Accessories help us to express our individuality being the mirror of our lifestyle and character. So, let’s talk about basic accessories that can update our look in no time and make it more attractive.

BAGS – A bag can tell about us much more in its design, details, color, even the way we wear this accessory reflect our inner world. Have at least two bags: a darker bag for colder seasons and lighter one for spring and summer. I find that the the simpler the bag, the more versatile the bag. In case you can afford more pieces buy bags in different colors to be able to combine those with various outfits.

SCARVES – Scarves can be worn in a multiple of ways. You can tie the scarf around your neck, pass through loops of your trench coat or pants, adorn your bag with it, etc. Let your imagination fly!

FOOTWEAR – Good shoes make you feel confident. Check the shoe is comfortable and the heel is steady. And think of the design you want. Classic pumps look great and are perfect for office, but if you have to walk long distances it is wiser to go for flatter versions.

WATCHES – A watch is a practical item and it serves pretty well as an accessory. You may want to own one but very expensive timepiece to show your status or experiment with a lot of less dear but more interesting watches choosing a different piece each time you go out.

JEWELLERY – Earrings, pendants, bracelets – these make woman look and feel more feminine. Loads of bright and elaborate jewelry pieces will allow you to create amazing girlie looks, but to look more serious you should opt for qualitative pieces. For a romantic look wear a floral-printed maxi dress teamed up with matching flats and wide bracelets. For office look go for a stylish white shirt and knee-length pencil skirt accessorized with a pair of high-heeled pumps and tiny ring and stud earrings made of white gold.

HAIR ACCESSORIES – Love your hair and adorn it!

GLASSES – I know women who wear ”reading” glasses to look enigmatic! Two main types of glasses are available: sun-protective and sight-improving.


BELTS – The role of belt is often underestimated but good model that has been chosen correctly can change the wearer’s look completely, making it leaner and more elegant. Buy at least two belts – darker and lighter ones. But if you can afford buying more belts choose items of interesting design, with unusual details.

Each time you go to work, party or lunch/drinks with friends, don’t forget about adding accessories to your look. You won’t only look different, you’ll feel different, too!

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