Basic Back to Black Wardrobe


After the back to basics wardrobe, it just looked so bare and bland….to hear colour and see music, I wanted to fill it with colourful complimentary items and accessories.The ultimate goal is to have a closet of clothes and feel stylish.

Shopping for Clothes:

Taupe colours sample

If you have the basic items, you don’t need anything else. If you have to buy something, only purchase items that will complement your basic wardrobe and stretch it beyond one or two more outfits. For example you find a pair of taupe sling backs (nude is hot at the moment)  or a coloured shirt, you can justify purchasing them because they will go with most of what you own.

Shopping Shoes and Shape-wear Undergarment:
You’ll need to try on clothes with the shoes you intend to wear them with. If you’re shopping for a special event, take your shoes with you. In order to get the proper fit in clothing, wear the undergarments that lift what sags and firm what jiggles ie. wear your best.


Shopping Companions:

Shopping, for myself and many women is a social experience which I best do as window shopping. No swiping of the plastic. Draw the line at spending money while with a group of friends because you’re more likely to bend to peer pressure and purchase something because your pals are offering flattering comments.If you must shop with someone, make that person the one who will be honest, no matter what.

Trendy Accessories (trend colour for Autumn 2011)
Up-to-date fashion doesn’t have to be trend heavy. I had some accesories stored in a bag which meant I hardly saw them to wear them. Now, they are on a hanger and very visible. I will be adding more foundation pieces and trendy accessories as I see them and the budget allows.

Seasonal trendy accessories to update your wardrobe include:
•Scarves and pashminas •Belts  •Fashion jewelry  •Clip-on accents for shoes •Textured or colored hosiery

Shoe Clip-ons

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