Capsule Wardrobe Project

New season setting in and this comes with new goals. Why wait for New Year to make resolutions? I plan to make and re-make and re-organise with the changing times. Hehehehehe maybe and hopefully this should work so that I stick to a goal to success.
In as much as ”judging a book by its cover”, first impressions count. Reality. At the moment I am thinking of projecting who I feel. By this I mean my style sense and my dressing sense. To reflect my personal growth and development, my emotional status and my task and goals for the day/night etc. At the moment, its as simple (she says!!) as that.

With this in mind, I am on a quest. A quest to deconstruct my senslessly overflowing wardrobe into a neat and meaningful capsule of a wardrobe. One I’d like to open with confidence that nothing will fall out, also one that will allow me to see what I can wear and where to find it 🙂

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