Articles in ‘Save’ Mode

Surreal situations, sometimes you think de-ja-vu, or you blink rapidly to awaken….  you think you have had a vision (a la Charmed One) or a very vivid dream.
What I am rumbling on about are those moments when you are so sure something had taken place, AND YET, it hadn’t.
I type on my phone while I am travelling. I will be sitting in a car, bus, train, tube/metro, aeroplane, jet….and I know I will send it as soon as I have signal be it mobile phone signals or access to Wi-Fi.
Some handset I had, I would ‘send’ the article and when the signal is strong enough, it would auto-send. Smart phones eh!!
On some occassions, I even go to the extent of requesting a reply, having waited patiently. Only to get a perplexed recipient and some even unhappy, as my original stuff is yet to be sent!
oooooohhh!!! Seeing red especially if it was deadline and time sensitive. Or the recipient is sensitive.
What excuse – how busy am I?
No soireeee.

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