SATC Marrakesh TOUR

Too much fun!!
The date finally arrived. I was overexcited.  Lack of vocab…woooohooooo!!
Met the girls at the airport – Gatwick. Checked in. Waltz in seeing as I successfully applied and received my Morrocan visa in 2hours.
Flight of 2.5hours or so, still no watch or time device…got some welcome/initiation food on the flight…it wasl cold. Fridge temp cold. For real. Ate the yoghurt which was naturally sweet. Lovely.
Touch down.
Get Dhirams at average of 10 to 1.
Mini accident as we leave the airport. African style traffic rules!!

The Riad is simply beautiful. Evident of 5stars. Riad Calipau Palais and our suit is super.


Hugest bath-tub. Can’t wait to drag Loverboy along. This trip was sharing with Regal Rita. She so lovely.

The Riad Calipau is in the middle of the Medina, inside the walls. Its brilliant location as we can walk everywhere. And we do.

The Birthday dinner celebrating 30years for Alexa. Its theme dinner and all the girls have gone all out and we ready to party and have delicious tagines.


The food was something special. Everything on the menu and everything that we ordered, varried and very different as 7 ladies get, was delicious.

We sampled forkfuls of everything and it was perfect. Honestly, mouthful, delicious.

The service was also amzing. Had a semi private singer. He was good. At order time, he was soft and instrumental. Post order, he etched up 3 notches of volume and kept creeping up so that even our conversation was muted. Had to listen to him 🙂
No request possible….

Next day tours, we were soundly advised to depart ealry morning and be back for siesta for midday as it gets really hot…7 women wake up at 10am and breakfast at 11am thus departing the Riad at mid-day. No surprise as the night was long and the week was even longer.


Went to the Musoluem, where Racehl tried to spook us out : )
The stores, where our impromptu city guide was obsessively…..annoying.


Then there was the cultural thing but most ingrating thing was the aparent cultural thing of haggling hence over-pricing.

My occupation is Actress. I am hoping for some fake recognition and some VIP treatment. All I manage is ‘London theatre?’ Well, I wasn’t very specific to the Universe was I?

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