First Lesson – In so many ways

In a span of two days or so, I have had two major lessons.
The first is MOB.
The second happens to be “Enrolled onto an Intensive class for Speedy Spanish“.
This came as a deep-end deep sea swim. Thrown or shoved or pushed or tricked, I am still not sure. My statement report reads the excuse as – language barrier.
The enrolment was done in Spanish. “I want to learn spanish” I wanted to scream BUT I was thrilled that I actually managed to gooblegook onto a course of my choice and intention.
  • First – The class was two books ahead (I had been issued trailer book!!) which I hadn’t even been a good student and perused through!
  • Second – I had anticipated (wrongly!) that it was a fresh class! Oh Lawdy!!
  • Third – and yes last, I was in need of a parachute which came 2 hours later in form of a mini break. 5min break. I was thinking/wishing for something like a snack attack to up the sugar levels and most importantly, the attention span! Mad!
End of class and I literally dashed off! To what I know best that certainly works all the time – Retail Therapy.
Ha! Window Shopper for today. Just browsing! Looking and touching and even smelling.
Most amazing leather jacket! Soft as you like. No falsey label. Beautiful. Its still in the shop – I walked away WITHOUT it.
That should actually be my lesson number 3. Window Shopping doesnt kill you or make you more in need of a real retail therapy session.

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