Packing and things

Been discarding and disarming myself from symbolic and sentimentalities. I realised I am a hoarder!! Disastrous! From country to country (continent to continent jeeezz!!!) I had collected stuff! Not antiques or anything wise-money cracking things but just….things and stuffs(sic).

Clothing, shoes (sob sob), books, DVD/CDs, bags (sob), games…….
E-bayed some items and took some stuff to a car boot sale which lasted a full hour and a half!!

Thank you heaps my ver own Ms O!

The day was grey and windy and the sun was really struggling to shine. It is The Sun. So it did shine and it was a rather warm day until the early sunset hour of London of 3.15pm. True story.

After a delicious trailer cheese-burger and tea, we had to scatter.
Practically shoved some items fo free down peoples bags and trolleys! Hehehehehe HTBT moments!!


Boxes and suitcases

The rest, was coming with me!

I made a most heartfelt & sincere promise to Loverboy (and myself), not to shop ever again! Like a Rapunzel story – Then there was Tangled!! (Fingers crossed).

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