Party at Guanabara 29th Jan 2011

Party-ing with girlfriends is the best thing ever! Never will tire of that.

On this night though, I was knackered.
I also felt like a club member at Guanabara.
Having been there the previous nite; I felt obliged not to look like part of the staff crew or worse, furniture.
I couldn’t help it.

So I kept going to the ‘South-side’ bar (previous night was at the ‘North-side’ bar).
I reckoned I could at least get drinks and snacks from new faces hahahahaha – incase they were in the weekend shift mode!!

Pah! Best laid plans albeit not completely genius plan, I got served by the very same good-looks-drinks conosieur. No complaints at all but by golly luck!!!!

Happy Birthday Princess!! Hope the day was brilliant for you and the night was fabulous!

The night ended young for me. I had to dash before I bashed my head on the dance floor! I was sleepy of the dwarfs. I was also getting short in height ‘cos my heels were killing me. Killah heels.

Of course, as I was at the doors, the DJ decides to rock the decks…….







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