Rugby 7s in Edinburgh

The tickets were sourced and paid for in March 2010. The acommodation was also sorted out by April 2010. Thank you Tasha. You are a star.

May arrives and I am all shimmy and excited ‘cos all the planning was done in what looks like eons ago. Its all refreshed and can’t sleep.


Linked up everyone at Kings Cross for departure at 1pm.
When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE!! Familiar faces and new faces. It looks like its going to be a funtabulous trip already.
Get-to-know-each-other on the train. Ampletime as its 4.5hours to Edinburgh. Luckily, its all good vibe and amazing company.

Shortyly, the booze is whipped out – Courvoisier Brandy.
I can already taste the hangover.
Caution. So I drink plenty of water and some enichnea tablets – very organic stuff.

With soft background music (there is a portable boombox), boozey drinks and friendly passengers, we are in Edinburgh in what seems like no time.

Our rented flat is just beautiful. Location Location Location!! Perfect perfect perfect!!
The sun rises in the Kitchen where there is a private garden and the wall is glass – maximum sunrise and orange juice moments.
Then its a picture perfect sunset in the living room. It sets into the horizon of the water mass with no distortion what-so-ever! Amazing. Definitely going back for a break in Edinburgh.

Rugby day one is a lazy one for us. We check-in for the last Kenyan game.
2 good hours. Mad fun. Loverman is initiated and is enthralled we stay to watch Engerlaand play. Then New Zealand…then we have to leave.

Day 2 we are tourists. Its fantastic. A little chilly weatherwise but fabulous. We visit the castle and obvious tourist attraction like the Whiskey drums….

Dj Edu is spinning tonight so we get ready to club.
We do some ritual routine of mega shots before breaking out. Mega shots!!

The music is live and kicking and we dance non-stop. Its really difficult to sit. DJ burns the house down.

Monday, Bank holiday June 1st, we depart.

Question is, when will I be back?

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