Fitness regime started. All systems are go.
Been jogging in the morning. As morning gets for me so that be around 10.30am. Been good. Almost forgot the good feeling – I believe its called endorphins(sic). Defo better than dark chocolate.
Paid upfront for my Karate class. Have been a very bad girl on that front. MIA. I am still a white belt. Have not been in regular classes to even attempt a grading session. I am yet to muster my basic kata. And Japanese. Well, at least the necessary terms & phrases.
Adopted a running club near residence. The first session was really motivating. Going with girlpal for support and encouragement and all girl things. We ran. Oh boy, we ran. Thing is, we could have run more bar the darkness setting-in and time. Ran for 35min. 6miles. I promise. I was impressed. Impressed with myself. I almost patted myself on the back and kiss myself congratulatorily. Settled for a steam room session – for the joints to be supple for the following day errands.

So pretended to attend Social media bootcamp that started Thursday 22nd April 2010. Well I will describe pretend. I was not there 100%. The few hours I did attend though, were well spent. Heard some really good tips and have applied it already. Just to draw-up an agreement and wheeeee!!

Then had a doctor friend day-out for Friday. T’was immense fun. The shopping and sight-seeing and shopping. We did not drop. Though Saturday proved that we had. Could not walk, the ankle was screaming dirty words at the rest of the leg and the leg just shut down all commnication with the brain. And that is how dearest Kiki missed her Saturday class. Was stuck in bed – literally. There was no swinging outta bed to go anywhere. Nowhere. Not even bathroom. Almost developed something chronic with the kidneys….

Not all lost with the Saturday as I was then a cheerleader for the lover-boy. Futbol game which was good 2-1 for Mr and he scored 1 for the team and the cheerleader who got a kiss blown her way. Felt very WAGgy.
That same Saturday got news that tenant had drain issues. Flooding and overflow of sewage. Hows that for a mood dump-er. Mad stressing but had to compose and learn. Quickly. Well, first called almost whole phonebook. Then Thames Water. Not sorted yet but at least bathroom is usable. For now!! The smell outside — I haven’t got a clue or stomach to physically find out. I just pray its bearable.

This week is all about marketing for business. I have 10 tips to do. Thank goodness for 5days in a week ‘cos 1 day is over and….task is not even 25% done. Yikes. Oh, just saw this re: days of the week M. T. W. T. F. S. S. After Mon and Tue it spells W.T.F The little things that make me smile.

Oh & I am broke. For now. Its all in the energy, right?

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